2014 Hugo Awards Nominees Provoke Liberal Backlash

The Hugo Awards, the Academy Awards of the science fiction universe, have released their list of nominees for 2014.  It’s an interesting list, made even more interesting by various and sundry upsets within the science fiction community within recent months.  Most notably has been the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) instituting a purge of any writers without a distinctive hard left viewpoint. No, not simply Democratic vs. Republican, but the sort of leftism that requires ideological purity tests and generally being all around schmucks.  Even members who are Democrats were purged, and SFWA members like Sarah Hoyt jumped ship just in time.

So, when the Hugo Awards nominates noted conservatives like Larry Correia (for best novel) and Vox Day (for novelette), one has to expect that there are a lot of members in the SFWA hierarchy whose heads are exploding.

Larry Correia, on his Facebook page, noted:

I did a Google search of my name for the last 24 hours. Hilarity has ensued. Holy moly. Apparently I am a horrible racist. Which is pretty ironic, since I’m an extremely prolific author with literally thousands of posts to choose from but nobody has any actual examples of me ever being racist.


Though I did suggest Vox Day’s novelette on the slate and it got a nom. Now they’ve decided Vox is a racist because he insulted somebody who had just got done insulting him, and once they wrote a 30 page thesis explaining why his comments were racist, they kicked him out of SFWA for misusing Twitter. So obviously, me disliking bullies, censorship, and always defaulting on the side of free speech means that I’m a racist. The fact that I really enjoyed the story is irrelevant.


Of course, the Hugos are totally unbiased, and when Scalzi or Seanann ask their fans to vote, that’s just good authors raising awareness. When Larry Correia asks his fans to vote, that is evil ballot stuffing, because racist. And the Hugos are so sacred and unbiased that today there are a bunch of people trying to strategize and mobilize to punish any nominations related to me in any way. 


And the beautiful part is that they don’t seem to realize that this is exactly what we wanted. I’ve got so many emails over the last 24 hours from people who thought I was exaggerating the bias, and today they know that I was telling the truth. Welcome to the party.


The funny part of this is that I pushed some people who aren’t like me politically at all, and I suggested them because I really enjoyed their work. I find it funny to see the SJWs attacking some moderates who keep their heads down and their opinions to themselves, simply because they’ve been tainted by the International Lord of Hate.

Something that Mr. Correia has not noted, but probably should be pointed out: among the nominees for best novel is The Wheel of Time, by the late Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.  No, this is not a single book, but an entire series of 14 novels from 1990 to 2013. One can only suspect that The Wheel of Time would big foot almost any single nominee like Godzilla coming to Tokyo. It shall be interesting to see if Mr. Correia has a fighting chance, in the long run.

This would probably be why an author like John Scalzi (former SFWA and current member in good standing) seems unconcerned about the nominations, despite many of his left-leaning peers having public internet fits. Why should he be concerned? From his perspective, victory for The Wheel of Time is all but assured.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Declan Finn is an author of four novels, only three of which are interesting: including A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller, A Pius Legacy, A Political Thriller, and the co-author of the science fiction espionage thriller, Codename: Winterborn.  

Codename Winterborn is set in 2093, where a team of American intelligence officers are betrayed by politicians and left to die in a radical Muslim Country, the Islamic Republic of France. Yes, it was written before anyone had heard of Benghazi.

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