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VIDEO: Israel’s Iron Dome In Action

Missiles might just be irrelevant to modern warfare after this.

Also, don’t screw with Israel.

‘Arab Fall’ Comes to Libya

Isn’t Qatar where we sent the Bergdahl Five?

Chicago Crime Rate Drops

Funny how that happened only after allowing law abiding citizens to conceal-carry

Obama Wants to Follow You on Twitter

Remember when progressives were pulling their hair out and screaming from the rooftops attacking George W Bush and his administration’s ‘Patriot Act’?

Hollywood Supports Israel

Hollywood can support Israel. When is Obama going to?

French Government Collapses

Apparently, hate doesn’t run countries.

IRS Emails Found!

The first rule of politics is simple: don’t get caught

‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ Armed Teachers Can Use Whatever Force Necessary to Protect Students

Almost without exception mass shootings are committed in designated ‘gun-free’ zones (and no less usually by ‘Progressive Liberals), it’s not rocket science as to why

Conflicting Messages from US Over Striking ISIS in Syria

As has become common place with Obama and his administration, increasing signs of confusion and contradictory explanations have plagued the Dept of Defense

WBC versus ISIS

This will end in fire. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

VIDEO: Rick Perry Strikes Back

Remind me never to piss him off.

Warning Graphic: Video Captures Deadly Police Shooting Near Ferguson MO

The video begins with shoplifting suspect Kajieme Powell pacing back and...

Richard Dawkins: It’s ‘Immoral’ to Knowingly Birth a Baby with Down Syndrome

Got an extra chromosome? Your right to life has been denied by the secular progressives.

Israeli ‘Hat Trick’ in Gaza

Critics should try living in a country where suicide bombings were once a daily occurrence

Media Roundup: Obama and Foley

Even The New York Daily News is upset with him.

What Happened to Law in America?

Obama expressed a desire for a “civilian force that is equal to the military”

Video: FBI Super-Fly ‘Snitch’ Sharpton Heckled in Ferguson

Perhaps America’s biggest race pimp, the Good Reverend Al,  gets heckled...

Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White No Media Outrage No Looting No Riots

It’s obvious the mainstream media only emphasizes race when the story fits their political agenda

Perry Indictment Rigged

What do they think this is? Chicago?

Teacher Suspended Pitting Black Students Against White In Shooting Reenactment

White child chosen to play the role of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson and a black child to act out the role of Mike Brown in shooting reenactment

James Foley Beheading: U.K. PM Cameron Cancels Vacay, Obama Not So Much

Critics blast Obama for delay in response and continuing vacation

CNN Source Confirms Officer’s Claim of Being Attacked by Brown

The ‘friend’ gave accurate details of Michael Brown shooting unknown to public three days before autopsy findings published

Are The Latest Economic Crashes Specifically Encoded In The Bible?

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his newest warning to America regarding the economy crises, claims an obvious Biblical pattern can be found in accordance to the ‘Shemitah Year’

Former White House Aid Axelrod Supports Rick Perry

McCrum must like Imagine Dragons, he’s about to become radioactive

Ukraine 1, Russia 0

When does the official invasion start?

Caught on Camera: Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting

‘Gentle Giant’ Michael Brown attacking store Clerk during robbery shortly before being fatally shot by Police

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