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NY Times Found Iraq’s WMDs

WMDs were found in Iraq. Now what?

Obama Stages Walk Out

President Obama is not doing very well.

Walking Dead Actress Breaks up Sex Ring

Walking dead actress Laurie Holden made a difference with her free time.

CDC: Traitors in the War on Ebola

The WHO, CDC, and Obama have dropped the ball on Ebola. How bad? Bad enough that they’re all more concerned with their agenda than the virus.

Motorcycle Gang to Save Kurds from ISIS

Members of a massive Dutch motorcycle gang recently joined Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State in Iraq, vowing to “exterminate the rodents.”

Houston Mayor Declares War On God

Houston mayor Parker has issued subpoenas to churches in Houston, asking for all their thoughts and sermons, or else.

WB Releases DC Comics Movie Schedule

The DC Comics movie schedule is up and running.

Catholic Synod Screwups

First, the Africans were going to run the synod table. Then the synod would ignore them. The synod would marry gays, then the synod would not. OY!

Trans Woman Fired Because She’s a White Man Now

Wow, this is 20 pounds of stupid in a 1 oz bag.

VIDEO: MSNBC Suggests Wendy Davis’ Opponent is Faking

When interviewing Wendy Davis about Greg Abbot, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell refers to his “supposed disability.”

VIDEO: Viking Rejects Job Applicant Based on Faith

Amundsen is bitching that Christianity converted the Vikings.

From Citizens United Productions: ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’

Time for the “idiots” to reject progressivism in Colorado.

Turks Bomb Kurds, Not ISIS

Remember when Turkey said that the Kurds in Syria would fall? Specifically...

Premiering Tonight: ‘The Border States of America’

Streaming live from your PC at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Common Core: The Obamacare of Education

When the misled lead the charge in education.

Supreme Court Blocks Texas Abortion Law

The Supreme Court is offended a woman may have to give up part of her weekend to get an abortion, instead of having it done on her lunch hour. The horror.

CDC: Ebola is Airborne, Sort of..

Is Ebola airborne?
The CDC says yes.
Sort of.
Its complicated.

Germany Now Pro-Incest

Just … Gross.
A German ethics panel has suggested de-criminalizing sex between adult siblings. Yes, they want to legalize incest

CDC Supplied By the Right Rather Than Obama

Remember when the CDC was supposed to be defunded by Republicans? That’s so insane, the Republicans actually gave more money to the CDC than Obama asked for

Ebola, 4000 Dead and Counting

Ebola has claimed twice as many people in this outbreak than in 40 years. And it is only going to get worst

Pentagon Braces For ‘World’s Greatest Threat’

The Pentagon is bracing for the biggest threat ever. Rising sea levels and...

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dem Fundraising

Watch Jon Stewart make fun of Obama and the Democrats as they try to raise tons of money … and he’s not that happy about it, either.

Africa Has No Time for ‘First World’ Problems

Gay rights? A 1st world problem, according to Bishops in Africa, who must deal with witchcraft, polygamy, and other problems that secularists can’t imagine.

Catholic Church to Support Gay Marriage, MSM Lies

Once again, the mainstream media lies about something Pope Francis says. No one is shocked. But please, MSM, STOP LYING, DAMN IT.