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30,000 IRS Emails ‘Found’

Oh look, the midterms are over, and Lois Lerner’s IRS emails are...

Thousands of Iraq Chemical Weapons Destroyed by US

The midterms are over, and we suddenly get a data dump of documents....

Benghazi Report Clears CIA, Not Obama, Clinton

You may have heard that there’s been a new report on Benghazi that the...

Book Saves FSU Student

  As someone with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, this story...

Video: Emperor Obama’s New Clothes

President Obama has said multiple times that he couldn’t change the...

Networks Won’t Carry Obama Amnesty Speech

From CNN. Eight years ago, President George W. Bush delivered a prime time...

North Korea Goes Nuclear Over Sanctions

We always knew that sanctions against North Korea are as worthwhile as fairy...

Video: Milwaukee Police Chief Explodes

 From The Blaze Earlier this month, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn was...

Video: Waving the ISIS Flag at Berkeley

Sigh. Berkeley. A video produced by Ami Horowitz shows him waving an ISIS...

TV Review: State of Affairs

Each commercial for State of Affairs starts with “From the producers...

Al Sharpton Owes over $4 Million in Taxes

From the New York Times. Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of...

Keystone and Landrieu Stymied

Goodbye, Sen. Landrieu. In a dramatic vote, the Senate rejected a...

Obama Announces Amnesty

President Barack Hussein Obama has announced today that he will outline his...

Ebola: 1 New Yorker Down, 300 to Go?

How can you tell that the midterms are over? The New York Times is reporting...

Video: Gruber-gate Mashup

In case you’re still trying to figure out who Jonathan Gruber is...

Video: Wunsiedel Neo-Nazi Walkathon

  While I object to neo-Nazis being classified as “right-wing...

Video: Naked Protesters Attack Vatican

I can feel it coming in the air tonight.  Oh God. It is a surfeit of...

VIDEO: Johnny Depp Wasted at HFAs

From Variety. Johnny Depp looked a lot like Jack Sparrow at the Hollywood...

John Gruber’s Career Will Die Hard

The creator of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, called said that the only way...

Writestream Tuesday: “Shatter the Narrative” UPDATED with Archive

UPDATE: Did you miss live the show? Click below to listen to the...

European Space Agency Creates Miracle, CNN Whines

UPDATE: The designer of the offensive shirt has stated surprise over this...

Review: Constantine

John Constantine is one of the DC comic characters who had a long run in the...

Obama Deals Away America’s Future

If you read this AP article, it’ll take you 7 paragraphs to get to...

Mia Love and White Privilege

Mia Love is an interesting person.  First, she is the offspring of Haitian...

JasonDeWilkins jason dewilkins according to me show video rant coffeegate american journal

Video Rant: Jason DeWilkins ‘Offended Over Coffeegate? Get Over It’

RonEDWARDS ebola profits cdc bill gates un vaccine

Ebola, Who Started It and Who Profits?

James DanteWOOD Minuteman Project Observer

Minuteman Calls for Privatization of ALL Government Services

lynnBADLER commoncore1

Common Core: The Obamacare of Education

JannaBROCK planned parenthood tells teens draw blood sex

Video: Planned Parenthood Tells Teen ‘Bite and Draw Blood” During Sex

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