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Video: NYPD Loses Two, Declares War on de Blasio

If you are not aware, on Saturday night, New York police officers Wenjian...

Review of Kia Heavey’s Night Machines

So … Night Machines, by Kia Heavey … Yeah. This was was...

Video:Taken 3’s Christmas trailer

For a man who has declared himself afraid of guns, Liam Neeson sure uses...

Catholic Doctors Need Not Apply

Some days … So, this happened.  The College of Physicians and...

Dolan Disses de Blasio

I know he’s a priest, but isn’t this just too nice? Cardinal...

Sydney Paper’s Empathy for the Devil

The Sydney Siege was over around 11am, EST over in the United States. Two...

Saving Nineteen Minutes

The following is a news story that comes from writer Daniella Bova’s...

Sydney Siege Possibly Over

The ISIS terrorist / Hostage Taker (HT) situation in the Sydney, Australia...

ISIS Takes Sydney

This is as close to breaking news as we get, so I’m going to suggest...

NYPD to de Blasio: Stay Home

Even though I hate Newsday for its anti-Catholic editorial policy, this is...

Marvel Gains Infinity War Directors, Loses Spider Man

Remember the Russo Brothers? They directed the smash hit Captain America:...

Video: Michael Brown Beats Old Man

As Twitter trends with #MillionsMarchNYC, this video make that look a...

Army’s Iron Man Armor Green Lit

The latest Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, had exosuits and jetpacks,...

Video: Navy’s Laser Cannon

Ouch.  Well, THAT will leave a mark. The Navy’s laser weapon...

Review: Amy Lynn

Imagine if To Kill A Mockingbird was moved to rural Alabama of the early...

Review: A Sense of Duty, by Ava Armstrong

Oh dear God, where do I start with this one? Keep in mind, the whole title...

Video: Trey Gowdy Grills Gruber

Trey Gowdy is always good for entertainment. “The pervasiveness of your...

CIA Strikes Back Over Torture Report

Well, that fell apart rather quickly. A dirty little secret has been...

CIA Torture Report is Nothing New

Oh for the love of God, who cares? Remember a few years back, when the...

Nuns Attack Obamacare

Here we go again.  Remember the whole Health and Human Services Mandate...

Syfy Goes to Krypton

Oh, gee, the Syfy network — who wouldn’t know an original idea...

The Force is With the Flash

Does anyone remember that there was a tv show about the Flash back in the...

MSM’s Bad Weekend: Rolling Stone, Crowley, et al

This was not the week for the MSM (the mainstream media).  Friday alone saw...

Pope to Guard: You’re Fired!

So the Pope fired his head of security today. “Why?” you...

JasonDeWilkins jason dewilkins according to me show video rant coffeegate american journal

Video Rant: Jason DeWilkins ‘Offended Over Coffeegate? Get Over It’

RonEDWARDS ebola profits cdc bill gates un vaccine

Ebola, Who Started It and Who Profits?

James DanteWOOD Minuteman Project Observer

Minuteman Calls for Privatization of ALL Government Services

lynnBADLER commoncore1

Common Core: The Obamacare of Education

JannaBROCK planned parenthood tells teens draw blood sex

Video: Planned Parenthood Tells Teen ‘Bite and Draw Blood” During Sex

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