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Video: Ferguson Thugs Threaten To Rape Cops Wife To His Face

‘Bassem Masri records as his thug friends (in Ferguson) threaten to rape a cops wife.’

Ebola Hits New York City

Suck it, CDC, I will take NYC handling an Ebola scare over you guys.

Terrorism Comes to Canada

Terrorism hits Canada twice in two days, and Obama shrugs it off

Obama Approves of All Democrat Candidates

Obama has put his seal of approval on all Democratic candidates, whether they want him to or not.

Another Person Jumps White House Fence

Someone else has jumped the White House fence. Who’s in charge of the Secret Service? Mickey Mouse?

Political Payola Lives in North Carolina

North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagen engaged in a cute payola scheme to get a favorable ruling for her husband.

Democrats Threaten Riots in Atlanta

I think I hear the screams of dozens of desperate Democrats praying to get votes

Shocker! Voting in Chicago Rigged

The first time I ever heard of electronic voting machines, my first thought was “And every election goes to the side with the best hackers.”

Wendy Davis Being a SleazeBag, Again

Wendy Davis, aka ‘Abortion Barbie’, has once again proved she’s a vile human being
Not to mention an idiot

Video: Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is here, almost a week early.

NY Times Found Iraq’s WMDs

WMDs were found in Iraq. Now what?

Obama Stages Walk Out

President Obama is not doing very well.

Walking Dead Actress Breaks up Sex Ring

Walking dead actress Laurie Holden made a difference with her free time.

CDC: Traitors in the War on Ebola

The WHO, CDC, and Obama have dropped the ball on Ebola. How bad? Bad enough that they’re all more concerned with their agenda than the virus.

Motorcycle Gang to Save Kurds from ISIS

Members of a massive Dutch motorcycle gang recently joined Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State in Iraq, vowing to “exterminate the rodents.”

Houston Mayor Declares War On God

Houston mayor Parker has issued subpoenas to churches in Houston, asking for all their thoughts and sermons, or else.

WB Releases DC Comics Movie Schedule

The DC Comics movie schedule is up and running.

Catholic Synod Screwups

First, the Africans were going to run the synod table. Then the synod would ignore them. The synod would marry gays, then the synod would not. OY!

Trans Woman Fired Because She’s a White Man Now

Wow, this is 20 pounds of stupid in a 1 oz bag.

VIDEO: MSNBC Suggests Wendy Davis’ Opponent is Faking

When interviewing Wendy Davis about Greg Abbot, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell refers to his “supposed disability.”

VIDEO: Viking Rejects Job Applicant Based on Faith

Amundsen is bitching that Christianity converted the Vikings.

‘The Border States’ Featuring Nick Searcy- A Tea Party Patriots Production

An unprecedented wave of illegal immigration is washing over America, threatening the fabric of our nation.

From Citizens United Productions: ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’

Time for the “idiots” to reject progressivism in Colorado.

Turks Bomb Kurds, Not ISIS

Remember when Turkey said that the Kurds in Syria would fall? Specifically...

JasonDeWilkins jason dewilkins according to me show video rant coffeegate american journal

Video Rant: Jason DeWilkins ‘Offended Over Coffeegate? Get Over It’

RonEDWARDS ebola profits cdc bill gates un vaccine

Ebola, Who Started It and Who Profits?

James DanteWOOD Minuteman Project Observer

Minuteman Calls for Privatization of ALL Government Services

lynnBADLER commoncore1

Common Core: The Obamacare of Education

JannaBROCK planned parenthood tells teens draw blood sex

Video: Planned Parenthood Tells Teen ‘Bite and Draw Blood” During Sex

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