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An Interview with Glamour Model Abigail Rich

From unwanted foster child to American success story.

Video: Election Fraud, Caught Live

Oh look. Election fraud with illegal aliens. Who could have guessed?

History Goes Bump In The Night

Ghost tours for the theater of the mind.

CDC Admits Ebola Can Be Airborne

The CDC announces that Ebola can be transmitted through sneezing.

Video: Chicago Activists Take Libs to Task

Black activists in Chicago have taken Democrats across the country to task for the lack of true value or support to black communities.

Ebola Expert Backs Quarantine

Nobel Prize-winning Ebola expert, Bruce Beutler, supports Chris Christie’s quarantine, and says it doesn’t go far enough

Christian Bale Calls Moses a Violent Psycho

Christian Bale seems to have gone insane.

Vincent Sheheen Calls NC Gov a Whore

Vincent Sheheen calls North Carolina Gov Haley a Whore, and his crowd laughed.

Pope Francis Approves of Evolution

Pope Francis came out in favor of evolution and the Big Bang. Duh.

Pope Francis Speaks Out on Marriage

Pope Francis decided to focus on the family during an event in Germany this week.

Catholic Beatdown of Obamacare Mandate

Ave Maria University has won an injunction against Obamacare’s HHS mandate.

Marvel Releases Film Schedule

Marvel has decided to release the film schedule up to 2019

Ministers Ordered to Perform Gay Marriages

You will be made to care about gay marriage.

Cuomo Surrenders to CDC on Ebola

It only took NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo 48 hours to soften his stance on Ebola.

Obama’s Ebola Warfare on New York

While New York and New Jersey tries to defend against Ebola, Obama is doing everything in his power to stop them.

Obama’s Plans After the Election

Obama’s plan for the post-midterms is simple: obstruction of freedom.

Video: Ferguson Thugs Threaten To Rape Cops Wife To His Face

‘Bassem Masri records as his thug friends (in Ferguson) threaten to rape a cops wife.’

Ebola Hits New York City

Suck it, CDC, I will take NYC handling an Ebola scare over you guys.

Terrorism Comes to Canada

Terrorism hits Canada twice in two days, and Obama shrugs it off

Obama Approves of All Democrat Candidates

Obama has put his seal of approval on all Democratic candidates, whether they want him to or not.

Another Person Jumps White House Fence

Someone else has jumped the White House fence. Who’s in charge of the Secret Service? Mickey Mouse?

Political Payola Lives in North Carolina

North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagen engaged in a cute payola scheme to get a favorable ruling for her husband.

Democrats Threaten Riots in Atlanta

I think I hear the screams of dozens of desperate Democrats praying to get votes

Shocker! Voting in Chicago Rigged

The first time I ever heard of electronic voting machines, my first thought was “And every election goes to the side with the best hackers.”

JasonDeWilkins jason dewilkins according to me show video rant coffeegate american journal

Video Rant: Jason DeWilkins ‘Offended Over Coffeegate? Get Over It’

RonEDWARDS ebola profits cdc bill gates un vaccine

Ebola, Who Started It and Who Profits?

James DanteWOOD Minuteman Project Observer

Minuteman Calls for Privatization of ALL Government Services

lynnBADLER commoncore1

Common Core: The Obamacare of Education

JannaBROCK planned parenthood tells teens draw blood sex

Video: Planned Parenthood Tells Teen ‘Bite and Draw Blood” During Sex

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