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An Interview with Author-Blogger Declan Finn

The “anti-Dan Brown” talks thrillers, killers and surviving as a Catholic conservative in New York City.

Cold War Heats Up

Even Diane Feinstein has said the Cold War is back on.

Israel to Disarm Gaza

Hamas lives in a world where the goal is to eradicate Israel. It’s in their charter. Look it up.

Florida Space Coast Says NO to Amnesty, Open Borders

Attention do as I do as I say not as I do elitists and crony capitalists: the peasants are revolting. We’re awake and fighting for the Republic.

Anti-Hobby Lobby Bill Voted Down

One Democrat voted with the Republicans. Harry Reid (D-NV).

Senate to Give Abortionists License to Kill

Even if abortion is considered a right, that doesn’t give its practitioners a license to kill.

Writestream with author Robert Gore and the Right Wing Riot

How did America become a Super Power just 48 years after the brutal Civil War? An author explains.

Hamas Rejects Egyptian Cease Fire Deal

The only warning Hamas will get is the missile barrage that blows up an entire city block.

Obamacare and Economy Fails

People aren’t paying for their policies in an Obamacare universe. Who could have seen that coming?

Don’t Panic, but ISIS Has Uranium

Damn it. Now I have to take ISIS seriously.

Ukraine Rebels on the Run

Just assume everything’s going to go straight to Hell.

Molester Deported Four Times

The duty of American laws and American politicians is to defend Americans.

Liberty Island Wants to Work With You!

Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream...

Schumer: Religious Need Not Apply

Maybe Chuck should revisit the Nuremberg laws.

Liberals Continue Their War on Women and Teenagers

Liberal Democrats, guardians of women’s rights. Unless, you own a Bible or a gun. Then you’re fair game.

Video: Attack of the Liberal

Freedom, after all, means one sided rule, yes?

South Florida Author Discusses the Steps To Salvation

Shlomo Attia talks heaven, hell, history and politics to an enthusiastic audience.

Religion Banned at Obama Camps

One of the lesser known facts about Nazi concentration camps is that there...

IRS Docs Given to Soros and Gorelick

Enter the Darth Vader of the conservative world, George Soros.

Papal SWAT Exorcist Team Unleashed

The Catholic Church gets about 9,000 applications for exorcism per year. If they do two, that’s a lot.

Obama Declares War on Murrieta, CA

That title isn’t even a little bit exaggerated

Murrieta Holds The Line Against Busing Illegals

Even the American people are doing more about immigration than the President is.

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