Video: Glenn Beck Continues Embarrassing Meltdown After Cruz Bumped From Race

Anyone even slightly familiar with Glenn Beck, even his fans, have come to expect odd and embarrassing behavior on almost a daily basis from the Talk Host, but the past two weeks have been almost unbelievable unless you actually see it with your own eyes.

Beck who has traveled with and campaigned for Ted Cruz, almost undoubtedly because of a financial stake a super PAC he is affiliated with has with the former Candidate, has gone into a worsening sad emotional downward spiral.

Beck has done everything from joking about stabbing Donald Trump repeatedly if given the chance while on the air, claiming Ted Cruz is an anointed end-times Mormon priestly figure prophesied about, to rolling his face in a bowl of crushed Cheetos snacks (mocking Trumps complexion).

The many strange instances happened before Tuesday when Ted Cruz was crushed by Donald Trump in the all important Indiana Primary, losing by 17 points in a Midwestern State he should have actually won or been competitive in.

Cruz “suspended” his campaign on Primary night during the drubbing which has led Beck into a seemingly deep depression and despondency leading him to make even more irrational statements.

On Wednesday Beck said that because Donald Trump is the GOP candidate, Clinton will easily win the White House, and “You will never elect another GOP person to high office ever again.”

Beck went on to say: “the GOP is going to be completely racist.”

“You will never have another Republican President ever again,” he said.

“He (Trump) makes all Republicans crony capitalists” and “pretty racist” by association.

“I don’t want my children to look at that man and say, ‘Yeah, he’s my President.’ I won’t have that I will not endorse it, I will not tolerate it,”.

“For my children’s sake, for capitalism’s sake, for the Constitution’s sake, for the party’s sake, you have no chance of winning.”

It gets worse.

On Friday Beck told his audience that voting for Donald Trump could bring eternal damnation.

“We’re going to die and meet our Maker and He’s going to say, “Let me see the evidence on you.” Because we were born at this time in this country because every one of us is warriors. We don’t think of ourselves as this but we are. And too many of us gave up.

Too many of us, we had it within our grasp and we gave up and gave in to anger. And, you just ask yourself. I have to present my case to the Lord.

Your signature is on a piece of paper with a guy who’s not only a liar he is serial philanderer, I believe. Look up narcissist sociopath… The same damn thing everyone says before they elect a madman.”


Of course most people do not enjoy seeing something so tragic for so many to see but besides concerns for his mental stability, it should be concerning for republicans and conservatives that he is basically helping Hillary Clinton win the general election by continuing to point out supposed faults with the presumptive GOP nominated Candidate.

Unless he truly suffers from some form of mental illness there is no excuse for this adolescent bullshit.

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