Scott Walker Owns MSNBC Ass Clown Ed Schultz over Paul Ryan GM Plant Closing Comments

MSNBC’s perennial Ass-Clown Ed Schultz has embarrassed himself again it seems.

Yes that Ed Schultz, the same Ed Schultz that called conservative radio talk host Laura Ingram a “talk slut“ and the same idiot that defended gaffetastic vice president Joe Biden’s Racially charged rantclaiming that ‘Republicans will put y’all(African Americans)back in chains’.

During an interview between fellow MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Maddow ask’s the Governor to explain GOP VP hopeful Paul Ryan’s comments about the failure of the Obama led ‘auto-bailout’ when suddenly Schultz jumps in, all hot-and-bothered, for no apparent reason other than to clumsily remind everyone (and probably himself) of his liberal credentials..

The beat-down begins after Maddow asks;

“Was there private sector credit available to save the auto industry,”

Walker replies;

“A managed bankruptcy is something that could have been quite effective,”

The bejowled Schultz, unable to contain himself and purposely showing his hatred for Walker begins his tirade;

 “It was not Barack Obama’s economic policies that closed that GM plant,” said Schultz. “It’s in the Washington Post right now, Gov. Walker.”

Walker then went on to say that the entire auto industry could have been more efficiently saved if they had gone through the private sector.

Schultz realizing he had gotten in over his head and looking for a way out then asks if Walker could guarantee that a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin – now closed – would still be employing people today if GM had gone through bankruptcy..

“No,” said Walker.

This is where it gets interesting and makes one wonder if Ed Schultz is genuinely this ignorant of current political affairs and happenings or just another self-embarrassing, purposely dishonest shill for Obama and the left.

No!, I don’t think you can!,” Schultz angrily and smugly fired back, unknowingly setting himself up for a totally humiliating end to his nonsense.

“The only person who made that promise was Barack Obama,” said Walker.   *game, set,match*

In 2008 Obama said; “And I believe that if our government is there to support you, and give you the assistance you need to re-tool and make this transition, that this plant will be here for another hundred years.”

In typical Liberal Brilliance <sarc>Ed Schultz unwittingly reminds the world of yet another example ( in the very long list) of Obama’s now infamous broken promises.

Ass-Clown is, as Ass-Clown does.

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