Hugo Awards Make Puppies Cry

For those of you who remember last year’s Hugo awards, you might remember it was a storm of bat-guano insanity. Just like when I used to Hire Male strippers.  Fantasy author Larry Correia, who writes for Baen Books, suggested to his followers that they try a novella by Theodore Beale.  Beale writes under the handle of Vox Day, and is a little conservative at times.

When Vox Day was nominated for a Hugo award, the Social Justice Warriors who run the awards all went INSANE.

This is, of course, not surprising, considering how many people the Science Fiction Writers of America have purged lately. Heck, even former members of the SFWA have come out against their lock-step, utterly insane behavior — writers such as Sarah Hoyt.  Even current members are protesting some of the more deranged moves — people like Harlan Ellison, David Gerrold, Mercedes Lackey, Barry N. Malzberg, Jack McDevitt, Larry Niven, Mike Resnick, Harry Turtledove, and Gene Wolfe.  And let’s face it, when Harlan Ellison is calling you a schmuck because you’re too far left, you’re probably a schmuck.  You know the SFWA has gone too far when even the New Statesman thinks’ you’re a leftist schmuck.

It’s less a matter of politics, and more political ideological purity, SJW style.  A cover can’t be too sexy, an author can’t quote another woman when calling a coworker “pretty.”  The bat guano keeps going

Leading the pack — or at least a good target — is John Scalzi.  Define irony: a man whose initial reader base consisted of the conservatives from Instapundit is now spurning all of them because they’re not good enough for him.

Then there’s former SFWA Vice President Mary Kowal, who tells political opponents to “shut the f**k up” and quit the SFWA … as though they could survive losses to their little band of misfits. How about the deeply, deeply psychotic Nora Jemisin, who is actually disturbed by political tolerance?   We can keep going.

What’s that? You don’t know who they are? They’re not David Weber, or Neil Gaiman, that Harry Potter woman or that Game of Thrones guy? Just because they’re not huge names with their own movie franchise doesn’t mean they aren’t important in the science fiction world. Welcome to politics. The relative small-fry can whip up mobs like instant Jell-O pudding, and we’re off to the races. It’s what makes “racists” of of Beale / Vox  (though he’s Native American),  or Larry Correia (who’s Portuguese).

So what, you ask? What’s happening now?  Now, the puppies are about to cry.

New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia told Breitbart there’s  “systematic campaign to slander anybody who doesn’t toe their line,” leading to self-censorship. “Most authors aren’t making that much money, so they are terrified of being slandered and losing business,” he says. The only exceptions are a “handful of people like me who are either big enough not to give a crap, or too obstinate to shut up.”

Enter Sad Puppies

The Hugo Awards used to be a prestigious honor, and now, it’s become a popularity contest dominated by cliques. The votes go through WorldCon.

When Correia invited his readers to discuss a his Hugo nominations, and have their own vote, it was to basically create a starter list of people who should be getting Hugo nominations, but can’t / won’t / couldn’t.  The original concept was called the “Sad Puppies Think of the Children Campaign,” a mashup of every stupid “save the whales” campaign ever.

It’s been shortened to Sad Puppies, because who has the time?  It’s now Sad Puppies 3.

But, enter Scalzi, whining that WWWAAAHHH, Correia’s campaigning!!!!  Um, no he’s not.  He’s just checking liberal privilege.  But whatever.  With Beale / Vox getting a nomination, SJW heads exploded, openly calling for a political purge.  MUAHAHAHAHAH.

Are we having fun yet?

Yes, I’m evil. I also don’t like bullies.  Scalzi’s psycho friends are bullies. They’re like your standard SJW — when in doubt, crush dissent.  If possible, live in the echo chamber of your own awesomeness, and if anyone tries to crack the soundproofing, destroy them.  Dox them, SWAT them if need be.  If they show up on the Sad Puppies list? Rip them apart!   “They’re hate mongers! Graah!”

Though it’s funny who’s considered evil just because they show up on Sad Puppies list. After all, as Correia has pointed out, there are no hate mongerson the list.  Many of the people who have come to the defense of the Hugos consist of people who have multiple nominations. The people who run Doctor Who will not..

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