Gosnell Movie: Indiegogo’s Most Successful Fundraising Campaign

Undaunted by Kickstarter’s censorship, film makers raise over $2 million for their Gosnell film on Indiegogo.


Need a little something to restore your faith in humanity? Check this May 13, 2014 report from Crowd Fund Insider:


The Gosnell Movie closed last night at midnight PT having raised $2,241,043 from 26,574 backers. The majority of the supporters backed the project at the lower rewards levels of the campaign.  The fixed funding project is now the most funded project ever on the Indiegogo platform.  The Ubuntu Edge raised more money but did not achieve its $32 million goal.  The next most funded project is the Canary smart home security device that raised over $1.9 million.


In comparing the Gosnell project to other films on Kickstarter, Gosnell would be in 3rd place ahead of Blue Mountain State: The Movie (still funding) and behind Zach Braff’s project – Wish I Was Here.  Veronica Mars is the most successful film crowdfunding project having raised $5.7 million.

Produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, well-known in constitutional activist circles for their documentary Not Evil Just Wrong – a factual rebuttal to Al Gore’s global warming propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth – the Gosnell Movie fundraiser brazenly defied the gatekeepers of Hollywood and leveraged the power of social media to raise the capital needed to tell Americans the ugly truth about the Philadelphia butcher, his innocent victims and his political enablers in both parties.


God bless grassroots patriots!


When Gosnell’s heinous crimes came to light last year, it underscored the importance of retaking the narrative and engaging in the culture battle — a responsibility the squishy GOP elites continuously abdicate. It was yet another squandered opportunity in the name of “big tent moderation”, in the Republican Party’s zeal to “call a truce on social issues.”


Thank God Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are taking a different approach. And if the stunning success of their online campaign isn’t a testament to the passion of morally upstanding Americans in fighting back against both the political class and the arbiters of all that is worthy of film production in morally bankrupt, superficial Tinseltown, I don’t know what is. Clearly, 26, 574 Americans from coast-to-coast were committed enough to the cause to part with whatever they could afford to make the Gosnell Movie a reality. That most definitely restores my faith in humanity.


As I opined on my blog last year:


If politics is culture, I am going to do everything I can to integrate my love of books, authors, internet radio and social media with my long-held beliefs in the exceptionalism of the United States of America whose entire way of life and culture has been purposely destroyed by people with evil intent. Think I am exaggerating? Check out Agenda: Grinding America Down. For that matter read all of the posts in the culture and politics categories. My aim here is to get out of the choir loft regularly and share the ideas of the US Constitution, our Founders, limited government, personal responsibility, national security, etc. with a new audience.


It’s obvious that our permanent political class isn’t going to do it. And it should be quite obvious to anyone who reads or follows me that this is NOT about political parties. Yes, I am a registered Republican and always have been out of necessity since right now we’re stuck with a two-party system. But I despise the leadership of the gutless, spineless, rudderless and unprincipled GOP just as much as I despise the Leftists who run the Democrat Party. I appreciate bold, courageous and unwavering leadership — the kind consistently demonstrated by people like Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint. If I had my way, a viable third party would emerge and the GOP would deservedly go the way of the whigs as punishment for having lost all sense of moral clarity and righteousness.


Case in point: the Gosnell trial. What a missed opportunity for the GOP! This is a party that is relentlessly (and falsely) maligned as “a party of white men??, “racists,?? “misogynists?? and “rich people??. The Grand Jury report from the Gosnell case provides a stellar, factual, real-life opportunity for the GOP to rebut all of these falsehoods and point to where the culture of abortion has taken us. It’s rife with examples of actual racism (Gosnell had much higher standards of treatment for suburban white women than he did for the poor black women who came to his clinic); infanticide (remember, many of these babies were alive OUTSIDE of the womb and killed for the “crime?? of being alive); and a compelling argument as to why ZERO taxpayer dollars should ever be used to unleash this brutal war on the unborn.


The Gosnell case also offers the perfect vehicle for initiating an enlightening discussion about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood — a notorious racist/eugenicist who wanted to wipe out the entire black population, along with others she deemed “unworthy?? such as the handicapped.


Given this excellent opportunity to inform Americans about what’s really going on in the abortion industry, the
GOP leadership as usual, was silent. Crickets.


Not a word spoken about it.


Could it be partially due to the fact that former Pennsylvania governor and squishy “moderate??Republican Tom Ridge bears some responsibility for the atrocities committed by Gosnell? Under his tenure, state oversight of abortion clinics was loosened, so as to appear “reasonable?? and “pro-woman??, I can only suppose. While most Twitterers yesterday rightfully focused on the media’s dereliction of duty with respect to the Gosnell case, I also called attention to Tom Ridge and GOP crapweasels (to use Stacy McCain’s excellent term) because they are also complicit in this horror.


Like Sarah Palin, I am so done with the GOP’s “truce on social issues?? and its enabling of evil. What ails this country goes so far beyond economic issues. Many of us out here in the blogosphere fully understand that. But as long as we have a permanent political class in D.C. that is more concerned with preserving its own power than in doing the right thing; as long as the GOP consultants operate out of self-centeredness and fear of pissing of so-called “moderates?? and “independents?? for the sake of a fat paycheck — the fate of the country be damned — I am afraid we’ll be in this predicament for a very long time. Or at least until everything comes crashing down around us.


If that’s what it’s going to take to get people in power to finally do the right thing — or better yet, help new, principled leaders emerge out of the ashes — then it’s all to the good.

Although the Indeogogo campaign is over, you can still contribute to the Gosnell Movie by clicking here.



Daria Anne DiGiovanni is an independent author, ghostwriter, blogger, social media marketer and internet radio host.

Her first novel Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal was released in 2008

She has ghostwritten two other books, Reflections on the Ring: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of How She Saved Her Marriage and Family (2013), and Steps To Salvation (due out in June, 2014)

She is the founder of the Writestream Radio Network and the co-founder of We Built That Network

You can find her at her blog, Daria DiGiovanni.com, on twitter @dariaanne and on Facebook, Daria Anne, Author


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