5 life-changing jackpots released this year

Gambling is not merely an enticing pastime activity that individuals engage in to get the adrenaline flowing through their blood. By contrast, searching for jackpots has become an adventure which can change your life for the better. Between working for hours on end without the possibility of a social life and the tedious nine-to-five schedules, the temptation of easily-earned money means that jackpots are the way to go for many people.

There are more lucky individuals than you might expect, and this is proven by the fact that a multitude of people have become millionaires within days. Moreover, even if you don’t win the jackpot, you still have the opportunity to win smaller but nonetheless significant amounts that will always make a difference in your life.

Thus without any further ado, here are the five life-altering jackpots of 2017 which could be way your one-way ticket to a better quality of life!

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1.    Mega Fortune (3.5 million)

Mega Fortune has it all, from massive Jackpot pay-outs to a high return player percentage (RTP) -nearly 96.6%. In other words, most players are winners when it comes to Mega Fortune, but its highest recorded prize is the record-breaking jackpot of around 3.5 million.

Along the way, people have been known to win at least a hefty 250,000 Euros, which is more than we can say about most popular casinos dealing in coins and pocket money.

Interested in the Mega Jackpot? Well, we can’t blame you, and the only needed thing is to enter the bonus game. This goal can quickly be achieved by spinning 3 of the bonus symbols in a combination bound to win. Afterward, you will be taken to the much-awaited bonus game, otherwise called the wheel of fortune, which comprises of 3 levels in total.

The first wheel incorporates several coin values, and you can move one to the next using an arrow. The second wheel consists of the chance to win more coins and then switch the third and final wheel, which paves the way to the Mega Fortune Rapid Jackpot.  For example, if you are lucky or strategic enough to land on the Mega Fortune, then you can consider yourself the winner of the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot. And yes, it’s time to celebrate!

2.    Millionaire Genie (4.5 million)

If you’re looking to win more than a “mere” 3.5 million, 888 Casino has an even more attractive opportunity of winning a grand progressive jackpot, provided that you bet a maximum of 3 coins per spin. Of course, there are two more options to consider: if you bet two coins or even 1, you give yourself the chance to win in between 75,000 and 150,000 coins.

Are you still not happy with your chances? There’s no need to worry, as even if you get all blanks or three un-matching symbols, you can again win a decent amount of money. Although it’s true that this classical slot has only one line, there is an almost infinite repetition of bonus rounds that can lead you to the Millionaire Genie symbol. Once you read this option, you’ll have an exciting bonus round that will lead you to a scratch card game –scratch three circles and see the combined totals that you have won. Reach the three identical amounts, and you can imitate another bonus round –without having a limit to as to how many bonus rounds you can play.

Don’t forget to change casino machines to make your experience seem even more realistic and give yourself the impression that you’re getting closer to winning the 4.5 million. Although you’re window-dressing by going from one machine to the other, it won’t matter which one you pick.

3.    Playtech Slot Jackpot (5.8 million)

How many times can you say that you’ll spend around $5 and get the chance to win a Jackpot of approximately 170 years’ worth of pay? Although it’s not every day that this can happen, a librarian from Scotland managed to win the Playtech slot game and gain a fortune of around 5.8 million.

Additionally, unlike traditional Jackpots, this game is solely played on your mobile phone, highlighting the importance and the future of smartphones in casino gaming. According to online reports, the librarian in question spun the wheel using her $5 and won 1.126 times the money she invested. Her total winnings marked the most significant mobile slot winnings to have ever existed in UK history.

4.    Mega Moolah (6 million)

Renowned in the industry as the “millionaire-maker” game, there are some convincing reasons for which Mega Moolah has become one of best-known life-changing Jackpots. Most people who end up betting love slot games because let’s admit it, they are addictive and attractive. Just to make this package more tempting, this year’s reward featured a staggering 6 million dollars.

To achieve this, you need to activate the bonus wheel game which will then signal a quick jackpot round that will send shivers down your spine. Yes, you’ll be close to winning the Jackpot round, and even closer to becoming a millionaire. Additionally, what separates Mega Moolah from other conventional Jackpot rewards is the fact that you get all the money in one lump-sum payment!

5.    Wynn Las Vegas (8 million)

There is the saying that “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”, but that’s not always the case when it comes to casino winnings. In fact, it was reported that at the beginning of this years a woman from Hawaii managed to win a whopping 10 million dollars -all from a simple penny slot game.

Are you’re wondering how much you have to invest in order to become the winner of this Jackpot? Well, it may surprise you to know that a simple wager of £2 is required to get these mega-winnings.


Becoming a millionaire doesn’t need to be an exception to the rule. You have at least five life-changing games that are accessible to people worldwide, and all you need is to invest less than a couple of dollars to reach your goal!

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